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My decades of experience span work for brands you know—Timberland and Stonyfield, for example—and brands you may not know, such as American Water and Newforma. 

I go where the images are, whether it’s your place or your customers’; on location or in the studio; here in the United States or out of the country.

I know tricks of the trade that enable me to make more interesting images in less time. Light painting is one.

I’m happy to take direction, but I don’t need my hand held if you’re busy with other projects. I’m the guy a busy creative director turns loose with a brief and little more, knowing I’ll come back with great images and clients who enjoyed the experience. 

I shoot ordinary people more than I shoot models, but when you look at my portfolios, it’s hard to tell the difference. That’s important when we’re shooting pictures of everyday people, whether they are senior executives or employees or customers.

Lots of people like to have their picture taken the way they like to visit the dentist: They’re glad to have it over with, but they don’t seek it out. So I make it a point to put everyone at ease, and it shows in the finished product. 

A great image requires me to do one of two things:

  1. The person, place or object is interesting, possibly even amazing, and I need to pack that universe of sense impressions into a small, two-dimensional image perceived by sight alone. 
  2. The person, place or object is kind of ordinary, and I need to elevate it to the level of arresting.

I do both. 

I’m driven to make everybody and everything look good. Not just products and services, but creative directors and brands.

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